This complete electronic evidence discovery solution reports all password-protected items on a computer and gains access to these items using the fastest decryption and password recovery algorithms.

Many types of passwords are recovered or reset instantly, and advanced acceleration methods are used to recover difficult passwords.

Passware Kit Forensic introduces batch file processing and a new attacks editor, which sets up the password recovery process in the most precise way to provide the quickest decryption solution possible.

The highest performance is achieved with Distributed Password Recovery, using the computing power of multiple computers.

Passware Kit Forensic includes a Portable version that runs from a USB drive and finds encrypted files, recovers files and websites passwords without modifying files or settings on the host computer.
Perform a complete encrypted evidence discovery process without installing Passware Kit on a target PC.

Key Features

Recovers passwords for 200+ file types and decrypts hard disks providing an all-in-one user interface
Supports batch file processing

Scans computers and network for password-protected files and encrypted hard disk images (Encryption Analyzer Professional included)

Acquires memory images of the seized computers (FireWire Memory Imager included)

Retrieves electronic evidence in a matter of minutes from a Windows Desktop Search Database (Search Index Examiner included)
Recovers Mac User Login passwords and FileVault2 keys from computer memory

Supports Distributed and Cloud Computing password recovery

Runs from a USB thumb drive and recovers passwords without installation on a target PC (Portable Version included)

Available as SDK for .NET

Includes 1-year Subscription to updates