EnCase Portable

EnCase® Portable Saves You Time and Money: Scan for evidence without having to call-in a specialist or seize computers Reduce backlog by allowing non-experts to perform forensically-sound triage and collection Pre-screened evidence reduces data, allowing forensic experts to work more efficiently Create pre-configured data collection jobs for non-experts - return to experts for analysis Plug-in device performs forensically-sound collection from any computer with a USB port Who Uses EnCase® Portable? Forensic Teams Get a handle on backlogs by enabling field personnel to complete forensic triage and collections in the field while forensic experts focus on completing investigations.

Field Personnel Take control of on-site investigations with immediate access to information on a suspect computer without needing to be a computer forensic specialist.

Corporations and Other Organizations Optimize remote collection by eliminating the need to have computers shipped, decreasing downtime and increasing the efficiency of investigative teams.

Law Firms and Forensic Service Providers Improve consistency and defensibility of collections by ensuring the same search methodology is applied to all custodians - eliminating the risks associated with disparate search methods, motives, or thoroughness.