Information Technology

How well prepared are you in facing IT/Fraud Risk Does your organization face any of the following situation OR incidents?
Theft of IP Misappropriation of funds Frauds in procurement process Your employees having alleged illegal links with competitors Periodic fraud risk assessment Non compliance of your IT security policy by your executives Do you have an Incident response programme in place?
Are your incident response and Risk mitigation steps in line with industry standards set by clause 49 (SEBI);SOX (USA)?
With the evidence that you gather from in house investigations, are you able to legally punish the alleged offenders.
(Many a times the alleged offender may be on the payroll of your competitor also !!!) Do you have effective proactive and preventive controls in your IT infrastructure?
Do you have efficient detection capability including secured recovery of lost Data, information and evidence recovery?
Does your organization own a patent or an IP?
Do you take adequate steps to safeguard and protect your IP?
Is your organization a target of cyber terrorists from across the border?
Does your IT Infrastructure contain any unknown malware, Trojans or virus in other forms?
Does your organization ever required to produce electronically stored data request from Regulators; law courts or by your customer?
Do you have a Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) in place?
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