We have a number of computer forensics courses which are custom designed as per your requirement. These courses prepare you in the disciplines of forensics investigations, incident response, memory forensics, network forensics & mobile device forensics.

As computer software and operating systems rapidly change, digital forensics experts and other law enforcement personnel must keep pace by constantly updating their tools and training.

    The Methodology in each of the courses is :

    • Conducting thorough examinations.
    • Identifying where and how data is stored.
    • Recovering and interpreting data.
    • Drawing appropriate conclusions based on the data.

The Training sessions are classified into the following categories  :

Individual Training Courses

       The ever growing world of digital forensics has   huge opportunities for an individual. Students are     typically professionals, both civilian and law   enforcement, some working towards starting a   forensic practice. Students in the IT, accounting,   legal and other fields shall also benefit from this   training this training.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Corporate Training Courses

      This is a syllabus designed for an corporate   organization which aspires to have its own team of   Digital Forensics experts. We use practical case   scenarios which will guide through the process of   conducting a computer forensics investigation.   Here your team shall learn the principles   surrounding the collection of evidence, together   with the forensic tools associated with forensic   analysis. Delegates who successfully complete the   exam included at the end of the training course will   be awarded a Certificate.

Professional Courses

      The training focus is not only on forensic recovery   techniques mentioned above, but is majorly   focused on ensuring what the examiner finds are   been admitted in the court of law. Sound   examination process along with expertise in the   evidence handling procedures are been taught.   Thorough understanding of how to articulate what   evidence forensic tools uncover is critical.